October 20, 2018

Preloved | G2000 Woman Long Pants

Price : RM25 include postage.
Brand : G2000 Woman
Size : 34
Reason for selling : Size not right, too small for me.

June 6, 2018

Regalo bald rose leather shoulder bag | RM580

Regalo bald rose gentle Croco 2-way box-mini shoulder bag BR-4608
Material: leather (push type)
-Size: approx. 22 W x H14×D7cm
-Shoulder stand: 40 ~ 52 cm
-Shoulder length: Max 112 cm
-Shoulder width: 1.3 cm

Specifications (Pocket):
Out / 1 x zipper
1 / in the zipper, open x 2
Weight: approx. 280 g
Made in Japan

April 27, 2018

Christmas Rogues

The Tall Pines

    The Tall Pines, Celine Conway, Harlequin Classic Library, 189 pages
    Everyone was kind to her - except Bret.
    It had been foolish to come to Canada, alone and knowing no one, in the hopeless search for her dead brother's wife and son - but Loraine had left bound by her mother's dying request.
    She wished she hadn't asked the autocratic, arrogant Bret Winthrop for his help. Not that it hadn't been invaluable, but now her search was complicated by another problem - what to do about her own broken heart.