October 11, 2017

Tender Triumph - Judith McNaught

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"Wealthy and beautiful Katie Connelly has everything – a nice apartment, a high-paying job that she loves, an active social life and a back-up trust fund. When she comes to a singles bar to meet with her old boyfriend, she has not expected her former boyfriend to harass her when she has decided to break things off with him. A mysterious gentleman named Ramon rescues her and stays with her to her home to protect her just in case her ex-boyfriend comes back for her. With Ramon, she is surprised to discover that gallantry and chivalry still exists in these times as Ramon has expressed for her. However she reserves some suspicions of his character especially when he is of lower class compared to hers. Despite the suspicions, she finds herself attracted to Ramon and starts dating him.
Spanish-American Ramon Galverra is the head of a financial empire, Galverra International. But a series of bad decisions from his late father threw the company into almost bankruptcy. Left with almost nothing, Ramon decides to return back to his home roots in Puerto Rico to become a farmer. But while in St. Louis, he has fallen in love at first sight with Katie. Knowing that he has nothing to offer to Katie, he gently courts her even misleading her of his true nature. He poses as a farmer and hasn't told Katie that he used to be a CEO. He wants to let her believe him as farmer rather than a failure. He proposes marriage to Katie and Katie accepts. They fly to Puerto Rico to prepare their house there and get married in Ramon's church.
Even though Katie returns with Ramon to Puerto Rico, she has still misgivings and uncertainties regarding her marriage with Ramon. Although Ramon tells her that he loves her, she still feels that Ramon is hiding something and that something drives Katie into having second thoughts about the coming marriage. Katie has had a previous marriage to a gorgeous man who has turned out to be a womanizer and abusive. Katie doesn't want to make that same mistake again with Ramon, who maintains to be elusive. So she spends her own money to buy furniture for the house even when Ramon explicitly tells her that she cannot touch her own money. She decorates the house thinking only of Ramon without leaving her own personality and taste in the decoration. She antagonizes the priest who is to marry them and gives him valid reason to refuse blessing their union. When Ramon finally confronts her about her feelings about marrying him Katie, with the dark past of her previous marriage hanging between them, can't give Ramon the answer he wants. Ramon finally realizes that Katie doesn't feel the same way for him so he tells her to return back to the States. Katie desperately doesn't want to end things between them. Despite her former hesitation, she has never been certain that Ramon is the man for her. Letting go of the haunting past, Katie runs back to Ramon and convinces him that she loves him.