November 25, 2010

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Fancy Pants - RM17

Stunning beauty Francesca Seritella Day has grown up pampered by her mother, adored by men, and graced by London society. When her mother dies suddenly, she is faced with the fact that she is left almost penniless. An opportunity to earn money making a movie transported her to America only to find out that the job has been a hoax. Having little resources, she joins 2 strangers to take her to the airport going back to London. 

However her plans are waylaid when she finds out that a man she is dating in London has been seeing someone else already. Fearing to be London society's laughingstock, she comes into a small town where she learns that nobody cares for her beauty or money or the rich people and places she's met and been to. When Dallas Beaudine, a pro-golfer, has picked up Francesca along the road, he knows that she is big trouble. He hates her high-handedness, vainness and ignorance of the real world. But much as he hated her attitude, he is strongly attracted to her and can't help himself to act on his feelings.

Francesca Day falls in love with Dallas, whom she perceives as having a beauty comparable with hers. She begins fantasizing about a happy ending for both of them when his estranged wife returns to town. Feeling betrayed, she escapes from the town and is determined to start a new chapter in her life with only her clothes on her back and a baby on the way. Nearly a decade later, she learns the hard way of living and emerges to become a successful television personality. She meets up with Dallas again and finds that love is tougher but stronger the second time around.

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